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Eliza Langland is a Member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain and has had many of her short stories, features and dramas broadcasted on BBC and other independent commercial and community projects.

Her particular specialism is Shakespeare and history, attaining an MSc by Research in History from Edinburgh University.

She currently has two non-fiction e-books published, “Thou Art Alive!: a professional’s guide to playing Shakespeare his way” Parts One and Two.

Coming soon: “Elsinore: Hamlet HISTORY hidden in plain sight” and “Boom” a contemporary crime thriller with an intriguing historical twist.

A ‘how-to’ instruction book on the method Shakespeare and his actors used to stage his plays. They had their own lines and cues, and rehearsal was not what it is today.

This brief, engaging but detailed book gives guidance on how to immediately put this original method into practice for yourself, letting you go beyond theory to see and feel how it all works.

There’s more.

Already packed with detail, insights and practical examples from the author’s own, professional experience, the book invites the reader to take their exploration further by clicking on the links provided.  The links give access to texts in full or cue script form at But even more than that, the author shares some surprising and possibly new insights only found through using these techniques herself.  There’s only room for a few examples of such discoveries, so book two will follow.  Meanwhile the reader is encouraged to take these ideas and build upon them. This book is a guide book to an unfamiliar approach to Shakespeare and a primer for your own exciting discoveries.

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If I had come across this ‘book’ as a newly arrived actor, if I had been reading this prior to commencing my professional acting life, I would have read and reread this so deeply and avidly. I would have thought I had found a brightly lit path to follow that would allow me such an insight in how ‘to do it’. I wish I had done so. This is good. It is better than good. It is wonderful stuff.”

Ray Murray

And what a lively wee book this is. Right from the opening chapter, the charm and ease brought ideas off the page – the author clearly knows her stuff, but is happy to debate (with herself) and deepen her understanding of the process of bringing these familiar texts new life.  I’ve been an actor for 18 years, and while I’ve had lots of engagement with Shakespeare’s plays, I have somehow missed the technique of Parts and Cues. Langland’s explanation of this method is concise and intriguing- you can feel her passion for this mode of working, and it’s infectious. I’m definitely going to explore, thanks to this book.”

Ms H Batchelor

As someone who has never been tempted to tread the boards, but who has always had a sneaky liking for Shakespeare, this book could(almost) tempt me to have a go. It gives a really good insight into how actors can, through their craft, bring these words to life and make them just as relevant today as when the Bard (whoever he was) first wrote them.”

Fay Mann