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Drowning in Metaphor

The river water was clear, clean and deep, the weather hot. Aberdeenshire was a gentle place that summer, the countryside of Monymusk, lush and green. I was staying with friends, of friends. They owned this stretch of river. The kids all learned to swim here in its pools and runs with its stretches of stillness and brown peaty deeps.

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You are a Force of Nature!

You wouldn’t argue with a force of nature, would you? You couldn’t argue an avalanche into a change of course or cajole a bolt of lightning not to strike. You couldn’t, by argument, stop the Aurora Borealis doing its thing. Things of that kind happen and, if you’re lucky, they roll right through. If you’re really lucky, you watch; you stand and stare.

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I Screech to a Halt at Lairg

I screech to a halt at Lairg because I’ve been starting to think about lunch or at the very least a tea break on my journey from Lochinver to Thurso and this new-build, glass and wood, loch-side café looks, in this corner of Scotland, like it might have Wifi. It doesn’t.

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Talking the Taboo

What we say. It goes well with those shoes. What we want to say but don’t. Are you going out in that? What we say. You’ll be fine. What we want to say but don’t. You know how you’re dying? What does that feel like? What she said. Tonight? Well that would be very nice. What she could have said but didn’t.

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Thoughts in the Shower

I’m talking about when ‘it’ all seems so suddenly clear. Like in the shower. Why? Is it because when we turn on the water we’re earthed, zap, straight to the core, and with the flow of water comes a flow of … what? Energy? Straight to the head. Ideas tumbling out of a...

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Eliza Langland

Eliza Langland is originally from Edinburgh in Scotland. Trained in theatre in Edinburgh and Paris (QMUC, Jacques Lecoq, Cyrille Dives, Carlo Boso) she is a more recent graduate of Edinburgh University with an MSc by research in History and Shakespeare. She has enjoyed a long and fulfilling professional career in acting, writing, and broadcasting and is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, a topic of particular relevance, surprisingly, to one of the plays to be discussed in book two of the Shakespeare Thou Art Alive series:

Thou Art Alive – a professional’s guide to playing Shakespeare his way – out now on Amazon Kindle

Thou Art Alive 2 – playing Shakespeare his way and deeper secrets coming in 2018