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Elsinore. Hamlet, History Hidden in Plain Sight

Did Shakespeare write about Mary, Queen of Scots? Why did he write Hamlet when he did? Where is Elsinore? Why is knowing who wrote Hamlet's book the key to it all. Why don't we know all this already ?

The forgotten truth about the world's most famous play. But how can something so big have been staring us in the face all this time?  

Explosives and revelations. A ghost spreading lies or truth? A heretic's book or a harmless prop? Often conjectured but never identified it holds an even deeper secret - a secret lost for 400 years and found by chance


Thou Art Alive!: A professional's guide to playing Shakespeare his way.

How did Shakespeare and his actors stage his plays? Each actor had his own lines and cues, only one man had the whole script and there was precious little rehearsal so how did they do it?

This brief, engaging but detailed book gives guidance on how to immediately put this original method into practice for yourself, letting you go beyond theory to see and feel how it all works. 


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