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Eliza Langland

The Author

I believe in the power of metaphor, personal testimony, healthy scepticism and reliable evidence. We must be free to make up our own minds about what and who to believe. I write for those who seek to go beneath the outward appearance of things; to go beyond the literal. It is in the silences, the spaces in-between, in the raised eyebrow, the second look, that meaning is conveyed. Hence my love of theatre -- the art of the spoken and the unspoken word.

"Elsinore. Hamlet, History Hidden in Plain Sight" is the product of exciting, painstaking, and groundbreaking research. Its insights reveal so much that has hitherto been lost or forgotten. It reveals why Shakespeare wrote Hamlet when he did, who wrote it first, and who it's really about.

“Thou Art Alive! A professional’s guide to playing Shakespeare his way” is an exploration of how an astute and professionally-minded playwright worked in the days of limited or non-existent rehearsal time when printing costs were prohibitive. We can still use Shakespeare's methods today.  This book shows you how, with the added bonus of access to an online resource for which this book was specially commissioned.


Eliza Langland

The re-thinker

To push beyond what we are taught, to uncover altogether different truths, takes confidence, training and experience but starts with vision.

What started as a hunch about a radical rethink produced startling results. At first it was laughed at, then it was rejected, but soon people will say they knew it all along. But you read it here first. Was the truth about a four hundred year old story simply forgotten or was it suppressed? Rethink history and you be the judge.


Eliza Langland


A natural eye for a story, an ear for the rhythm and pulse of the right phrase, the right word in the right place, an innate sense of balance, style and content. New insights or previously unconnected findings backed up by years of patient and detailed research. Told through personal anecdote and testimony the work is built on a foundation of academic rigor. If the best way to learn is to teach, the best teacher is one who invites inquiry.  


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Elsinore: Hamlet, Hidden in Plain Sight

Why did Shakespeare write Hamlet when he did? Where is Elsinore?

Who wrote Hamlet's book is the key to it all.

Shakespeare and Mary, Queen of Scots? 

Forgotten truths about the world's most famous play have been staring us in the face all this time. Why have we not seen them? That is the question. 


Thou Art Alive!: A professional's guide to playing Shakespeare his way

A ‘how-to’ instruction book on the method Shakespeare and his actors used to stage his plays. They had their own lines and cues, and rehearsal was not what it is today. This brief, engaging but detailed book gives guidance on how to immediately put this original method into practice for yourself, letting you go beyond theory to see and feel how it all works.

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