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Eliza Langland

Actor and writer

First graduate of Queen Margaret College School of Drama (now QMU).

Vocational, post-grad training in Paris, France: Ecole Jacques Lecoq and Le Theatre Ecole de Masques de Cyrille Dives.

Graduate of Edinburgh University (MSc by research – History).

Qualified hypnotherapist and coach.

A long career in the creative arts on stage, in film and radio.

Acting, teaching, scripting and directing.

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Eliza Langland


To uncover a truth that challenges accepted wisdom, and then publish it, takes

courage, determination and belief. In my historical research, what started as

a hunch turned into a radical rethink.

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Elsinore, Hamlet history hidden in plain sight.

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Eliza Langland


"A natural eye for a story, an ear for rhythm, the right word in the right place."

"An innate sense of balance, style and content in her prose."

"Langland's creative work balances the thrill of the new with the assurance of accurate research."

"Truth and a clarity of voice in her acting and her writing."

"Strong. Authentic. Believable."


Eliza Langland

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